HOW TO SLAYY THE NEW YEAR//2018 Girlboss Guide

Heyy fam❤️❤️  Let's face it. 2017 could best be described as the struggle between blogging, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and socializing.There really wasn't much time to get all that done and fit in time to study for exams and make study notes. Obviously you're gonna let school work be a priority but we all get de-motivated... Continue Reading →

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Instagram, Seventeen Wishes And Blogmas

Hey everyone💕 So I decided to make an Instagram specifically for my blog and follow bloggers on there instead of my main account. SEVENTEENWISHES<<<<<<< t already following you, don't forget to link your account in the comment section😊 In other news:I'm 9 days behind with Blogmas! How has to your week been so far??Any plans... Continue Reading →

Non-Christmas Playlist|SOUNDTRACK TO MY LIFE pt.2

I hate Christmas songs. I’m sorry, but like they just really really annoy me. Which is why instead of a Christmas playlist for Blogmas I’m doing a Non-Christmas one, you guys really seemed to like my Soundtrack To My Life post❤.Which is why I hope you love this one just as much, because I now have... Continue Reading →

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